International careers IT Programme: " Global network"

Empowering youths particularly school leavers in different countries in Africa with information technology skills and then give them practical exposure in industries in their home country or South Africa but with huge opportunity for further studies in South African universities having acquired NQF 4 and 5 powered by EduCampus. Students can also apply to study in EduCampus, South Africa for the one year programme.  Careers IT: 9 months

"Jump the queue get employed Fast"

WILLAB vocational IT training programme is focused on polytechnic/university undergraduates and graduates who may undergone the IT vocational training in their country or South Africa and will be placed in experiential; learning with companies in their country or South Africa with opportunities for entrepreneurship or employment. 

We make sure that youths in Africa succeed. ICITP South Africa and its partners in Africa (West Africa, Cameroun and DRC) are set to strengthen cooperation in youth empowerment through information technology careers programme, vocational skills with of possibility for further studies, exchange visits, training and employment opportunities in South Africa. WilLab: 190 Hours minimum 

"International Job Opportunities"   

ICITP Professional Certification is focused on graduates and practicing IT professionals who desire international cross border professional certification that is rated as critical skills that facilitates work opportunities in South Africa. For Training and Visa Purposes: Information about training providers in your country for the “International Careers IT Program” mentioned above.

i) For Rest of Africa please contact: email:

+27113126696; +27737976199

ii) For West Africa please contact email:, +2348096314336

Our Target Audience- youth and women:

 In School Senior Secondary Students, SSC graduates, polytechnic/university undergraduates, graduates. The International Careers programme is focused on In-school Senior Secondary Students and SSC graduates while WIL Lab is on graduates and undergraduates.

01 - In School SSC or School Leavers - International IT Careers Programme.

02 - University or polytechnic students and graduates - IT Vocational Training - WILLAB

03 - Graduates, Post Graduates and IT professionals - ICITP Professional Certification